Keeping students at Keene State

Making sure students stay all four years

As almost 700 Keene State College students graduate during this year’s commencement, in just a few months, hundreds more will be entering. But the real question is, “Will they stay?” College isn’t for everyone, but once you make the decision to go, maybe even to Keene State College in this circumstance, you can only pray that it’s what you expected.

According to the Keene State College 2018 to 2019 factbook there are about 3,500 students enrolled here. And first year students make up over one third (36 percent) of KSC’s student body. Money, diversity, reputation and the environment around the campus all come into play when these students apply to start their college career. As current KSC students teaming up with faculty, staff and other student leaders to do everything we can to help these first years get comfortable and get involved is huge.

It is not a shock that many people drop out within the first couple months, first semester and even after a year or two. And the college should be doing everything in their power to find out why, because it does effect our funding and the school’s reputation. We need to make sure when accepted students come on campus they know where they are going to be taking classes if they choose this school, they need to know where they’re going to eat, and especially where they would live. Admissions staff makes such an impact on incoming students so they need to make sure the student knows why they’re here – and that this is where they belong.

Many of the students that say Keene State is boring are not participating in the activities that the college has to offer. While some of these complaints come from students who are enrolled here already, some of the complaints are from students who have just finished orientation. These students should ask about activities that the school offers before they enroll, to see if Keene State is best place for them. And if they give it a try and can’t see themselves here at all, then we wish you the best.

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