Adriana Sanchez

Social Media Director

Deciding if you’re going to college after high school is a tough one, some might say. Now the question is, was it worth it?

Some might say no, and some might say of course it was.

Being in college isn’t all fun and games. You don’t just wake up go to class, eat, sleep and do it all over again. There’s exams, major studying, semester projects and terrifying presentations. And it’s worse when professors give their exams on the same day.

For me, I think it depends on the type of student you became, who you connected with  and what you got out of your major you chose to ask if you think college was worth it or not. I know people who didn’t go to college and are doing very well for themselves. Some even have started families or have their own place.

My four years being here have been amazing. I have gained so many beautiful friendships. The memories I’ve made I will cherish forever. Being crammed with homework isn’t the best time, but being crammed with homework at the library with your friends who are on the same boat isn’t as bad. Being in college gives you the chance to go only a few doors down your hallway if you need somebody to talk to. I have gained friends who will be in my wedding and potentially even my future roommates.

My four years here have prepared me for the real world. I’ve learned how to manage my money and how to live on my own. Moving off campus and having an actual house taught me real life skills—which is something I would’ve learned regardless if I stayed home, but not the way I learned here.

In the journalism department, you have the same people in all of your classes. As each semester goes by, you see the same faces. You grow into a family. We all can relate when something goes wrong, whether it’s somebody not getting back for an interview or your hard drive hitting the fan. My professors are people I can lean on. The journalism department isn’t as big as others, which I love. All of my professors know me and I even can say after college I can use them as references or can call them if I need help.

I love being a journalism major. I love the reporting, writing and everything about it. But I wish the starting pay wasn’t 20-30,000 dollars a year. Yeah, I know we all have to start somewhere and eventually get to the top, but the pay still isn’t wonderful especially if you’re trying to pay off four years of college debt. Hearing my friends who majored in other majors and talk about how much their starting salary sometimes makes me question if I choose the right one. But when I ask people if they enjoy what they’re doing, some say yes and some say no, “it’s all about the money.”

But if you ask me, if I enjoy being a journalist, one hundred percent of the time I will say yes. I love what I do. So in that perspective, I do not regret coming to college. I loved every curveball that has been thrown at me because its made me who I am now, all thanks to Keene State College.

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