Thirteen students present their graphic design work

Luke Stergiou / Photo editor

Adriana Sanchez

Social Media Director

  After four long years, the graphic design students finally had the chance to showcase their work.

There were thirteen students at the Mable Brown Room showcasing their hard work.

All of the students had their own unique backdrop that showed what the theme of their work was. There were backdrops featuring monsters to ones with pets. All of the students chose their best work and had their own tables with their laptops. Along with this, everyone had printouts of their resume and even some had their own portfolio books.

Some students had interactive drawing pens on their laptops with their very own illustrations.

Students had professors, family members and friends that came out to support them.

Senior Molly McGinety said participating at this showcase helped her out for the future. “It’s giving me real experience for the real world by doing this,” she said.

She added on that she hopes to get a job by showcasing her work.

First-year Ariba Rahmam said she came to look at people’s work in hopes to help her decide what major she wants to do. “I came undecided and have been going back and forth with graphic design or studio art, so my advisor told me to come here and see if it would give me a push in the right direction.” She said seeing people’s work and talking to them really opened her eyes. “I thought it was amazing actually seeing people my age have projects like making a book done,” Rahmam said.

She added on, “I’ve never been to one of these events so I didn’t know what I was walking in to, but this has exceed any expectations I would’ve had.”

Many people were asking students about their work and even about their four years here working in the major, and the students explained that there were many classes and projects to learn from.

Graphic design students take a class that gives them a chance to make any kind of book they want. Many of the students said that that was one the projects they were most proud of.

  Senior Rachel Cote said many classmates usually choose to do children’s books, but she decide to get a bit edgy. Cote said she did a twist, and did a horror themed book instead.

Senior Erica Pitchett said her favorite form of graphic design is illustration design.

“It was intense but worth it,” Pitchett said. She is starting to apply to jobs now that her work is done.

Throughout the event, there were food and beverages being offered. The participating students were the ones who put the event together.

Alumni Nick St.Amour was asked to be their DJ. He said despite graduating last spring, he still keeps in touch with the students here. He said, “This is one of the best shows so far.”

The exhibition usually happens in the Media Arts Center, but was held in the Mabel Brown Room this year.

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