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Cailla Prisco

Sports Editor

The best part about all sports teams are the same, the fans. No matter what team you root for, you will always find a bond with someone who cheers for the same team you do. At Keene State, everyone is an Owls fan and supporting our teams is very important.

Owl Nation President Maria Aiello says that being an owl fan, “promotes Owl school spirit as well as the school athletics.”

Owl Nation is an on campus club that supports KSC athletics and gets students involved with school activities and spirit, focusing on sports.

“Our club helps the athletic department in various ways such as providing giveaways at athletic events, promoting athletic events through social media, and assisting with halftime activities,” said Aiello.

Owl Nation is the club behind the famous “Hooties Nocturnal Knockout” which is fun way for students to get involved with sports and win some prizes such has gift cards, mini fridges, and even televisions.

“Hosting “pep rally” type events like Hootie’s Nocturnal Knockout, offering events specifically to honor the athletes like our event “We Appreciate OWL of You,” and in general encouraging the KSC community to come out and support our athletes is what it’s all about!” said Aiello.

School participation and spirit from students does more than people think. When athletes see fans in the stands they are proud to be playing for Keene State.

Senior infielder Courtney Votto says fans at her softball games “pumps us up and shows that we have support from the school students.”

“When fans come to our games it shows that the school not only supports men’s sports teams but also women’s teams. It’s nice to see people other than our family members see us play and see all the work we put into it,” said Votto.

Being an Owl fan means to show up and support your teams, Aiello says that “it can be more difficult to get to the fields which is understandable.”

“For athletes, seeing the stands filled with fellow students is one of the best feelings in the world knowing they have full support from their student body,” said Aiello.

Schedules for Owl athletics games can be found at as well as on facebook Keene State Athletics. If you are unable to attend an event or game you can stream them, links are also found on

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