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Wiedenfeld sets KSC record for assists in a single game

Ryan Peligrinelli / equinox staff

Austin Smith

Equinox Staff

Keene State College Athletics has been breaking records left and right this year, and that remains the case for the men’s lacrosse team and their players.

Junior Attackman Dave Wiedenfeld  is the new single game assist leader for the Keene State lacrosse team.

Wiedenfeld recorded eight assists in the game against UMass-Boston, breaking the previous record of seven. Weidenfeld is already tied with two other players for the most assists in a single season with 36 assists. Wiedenfeld plays a position called X-attack (a player that plays behind the net).

While Wiedenfeld set the single game assist record, his Head Coach Mark Theriault was not aware right away.

Theriault said, “I didn’t even know that was a record, when they announced that he got eight assists in a game, I was happy for him.” Eight assists is the record but Theriault said Wiedenfeld could get more, “We actually joked about [it] at practice the next day, I think [there are] definitely some more opportunities in coming games that he could get a lot more assists in a game.”

Theriault didn’t know initially that Wiedenfeld had broken the record,  and Weidenfeld did not know either.

“Me and my coaches didn’t know until the day after the game,” Wiedenfeld said.

Wiedenfeld said his brother was the one to break the news to him, “He texted me, ‘congrats my man.’ I’m like ‘on what?’ Then he said, ‘I guess you have the record for assists in a game.’”

With the record set at eight, Senior Midfielder Joseph (JJ) Downey said that Wiedenfeld could put it higher.

“Definitely, being that he’s only a junior, he saw all 18 games last year as a starter.  I think he could just keep running with that record,” Downey said.

Wiedenfeld is currently averaging 2.4 assists per game, if he continues at that pace he will also have the season record for most assists at 43. Wiedenfeld has 17 assists as of last game, 19 assists away from the season record with even regular season games to go.

While he could try to push the assist record even higher, Wiedenfeld said he is not worried about that, “Depending on the day, I definitely think I could beat eight assists, if it was a good day. But I’d just rather get wins, instead of losses.”

As the X-attack, Wiedenfeld draws shifts. This allows him to pass to the open player and gives them a chance to score a goal.

Downey said, “Dave’s always the guy throwing the no-look passes, working it behind the cage.”

In addition to having eight assists, Wiedenfeld added one goal to his total, giving him 9 points for the game. With teams realizing and keying onto his passing ability, Wiedenfeld said, “They’ll know to not slide as fast, so in the next few games I’ll expect I’ll have more shots on net.”

With Wiedenfeld giving other players opportunities, it benefits the other players on the field because it allows them to get good looks at the net.

Downey said, “When you’re playing with Dave you definitely have that confidence, that relationship that you know, wherever you are on the field, he’ll make that pass.”

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