Erin McNemar

Managing Executive Editor

Sebastien Mehegan

Administrative Executive Editor

In this issue we at the Equinox have printed corrections for three articles regarding the Spring concert and the Social Activities Council and one article regarding the graphic design showcase published this past month. We would like to apologize to those we misrepresented and restate the mission statement at The Equinox. The Equinox exists to promote the free flow of information, to protect the First Amendment, to stimulate high standards in the practice of journalism and to foster excellence among student journalists. From past publications we have failed in our duty and have taken steps to correct our errors with printed corrections, corrections online, and disciplinary action taken against those responsible.

As student journalists, we strive to create content that reflects our mission statement. We try to represent our school and our paper on a professional level.The Equinox takes responsibility for the mistakes printed in several issues over the course of the past month. All those on the Equinox staff hold each other accountable for their actions in order to publish weekly content that reflects a high level of journalism.

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