When I graduated from Keene State College, I said to myself, “I wish I could stay here and teach.” Less than a year later that wish became reality when I was offered a lecturing and advising position with the journalism department. I was terrified, yet I felt like I was coming home. I believe in this college and the people here make it very special. I think for the first couple of years I was teaching, people were wondering why it was taking me so long to graduate. It was strange and difficult moving from being a student to a faculty member, but I was so fortunate to have colleagues – many of them former professors – that mentored and taught me patiently. Those people – Dr. Rose Kundanis, Dr. David Payson, Dr. Marianne Salcetti, Dr. Mark Timney, Marc Ryan and many, many others – and all the other faculty and staff are why KSC is so special. There’s a culture of support and kindness, which is what attracted me to the college as a student. I realized quickly that being a faculty member was not just about teaching classes or doing scholarly work or having lots of time off -t hat last one’s a myth, I think. Being a faculty member at KSC means having an opportunity to have a very real, lasting, positive impact a students’ lives. I take that opportunity very seriously. Every day I get to help people learn, to help them believe in themselves, and to help them succeed. How awesome is that? What’s just as awesome is that I’m still learning constantly – from my former professors, my colleagues, and my students. Since coming back to KSC, I’ve worked my way up to become an associate professor and I try to serve my college and students well. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given here. This is my home.

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