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Shoes are powerful: They make a statement without even trying. A shop-a-holic would say, ‘you need as many shoes as you do outfits,’ but on a college student’s budget, that is nearly impossible. The idea of having a million shoes while living in a shoe box is dizzying. It’s  not about how many shoes are owned; rather, the quality. How many outfits can you make out of one pair? How comfortable are they to walk in? How long will they last? Are all important questions to ask before investing in a new pair of footwear. Especially in these cold winter months, it is important to purchase the right set to bare the outside weather. From heels to sneakers, here are the five basic shoes every woman should have in her closet.

Black Sock Booties are the best shoes to wear with jeans. With the ability to dress up any casual outfit, these heels will bring you from day to night in an instant. Sock booties come up higher on the ankle, providing a much more elegant look than that of basic booties. The taller material will elongate the leg, giving the illusion of the most beautiful model strut down Appian Way. Paired with medium-washed ripped jeans and a slouchy white sweater, these heels will enhance any closet from average to stunning!

Athleisure or “American sportswear” has been a trend for the active women since the 1950s.  The up and coming “modern” women decided they needed a closet filled with clothes that would keep up with their new and powerful lifestyle. Sneakers will forever be a staple, used in more instances than the gym sneakers, and they have a cute and playful accent that brighten any look. The versatility of sneakers will bring anyone from their morning workout to the end of their classes feeling comfortable and stylish.

Riding boots, most often seen on Pinterest in the fall, are much more than a one-season hit. The beautiful below-the-knee boot works great all year. Investing in a good pair of riding boots will last any buyer years! Riding boots can be found with and without a heel, so comfort isn’t something anyone would have to give up. For the most bang out of your buck, look into a taupe or light brown pair of boots to be able to match every outfit from light to dark.

Nude, nude, nude heels are the definition of classic. The number one most flexible shoe in every closet. A great heel to look into for college students as they start to enter the workforce. With the perfect nude heel you’ll rock any internship in the day and look dazzling at any formal in the evening!

Lastly, Chuck Taylor’s, the beloved shoe of the late 19th century, have never gone out of style amongst young adults regardless of gender. Known better by their company name Converse, Chuck Taylor’s can be acquired in every color and design imaginable. In a high or a low top, these shoes will show off everyone’s creative side and add a touch of personality.

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