“I’ve always believed in public education–the concept that the public has a right to education and knowledge to help them level the playing field between those that have and those who are too often barricaded from having.

The Journalism Department needed someone who loved language enough to demand its journalist create clear, concise, accurate, active voice prose.  Anyone who knows me knows I love politics and I love language, of which journalism has both, and that demands commitment.

What was the transition like going form student to staff?  The transition from student to faculty wasn’t hard at all.  I was an adult M ED graduate student in 1979 and I didn’t start at KSC until 1998.

Watching young adults develop that passion for learning a thing and then explaining that thing to others so those others can make rational decisions is the bedrock of a self governing society.   The Equinox is one of the finest small school student news media organizations in the United States (take a peak in MAC 160 if you don’t believe me) and many of our graduates are cream that rises to the top of nearly every type of media in the country.  How can one not be happy to be part of that?”

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