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This is the time of the year (the time of finals), the students are found rushing everywhere to get things done at the last moment. However, the weather doesn’t always support them. The magnificent snowfall gets slushy and slippery after a few days, making it inconvenient for them to be outside. Snowfall only looks lovely when you are somewhere inside. Usually, I hear people complaining that the snow is cold and wet. I agree with it to an extent. However, I wish we could enjoy the snow without any disturbance. I wish we could have snow/snowflakes inside our room where it’s warm and cozy, where we can admire its beauty without being cold. I know it sounds absurd but, I found a way to do that. Yes, believe it or not, there is a way to feel like that snowflake is inside your comfy room.

After surfing YouTube, I found a DIY to make snowflakes out of craft sticks. So, let’s get started.

Things you need: Craft sticks, glue gun, scissors, white and blue paint, paint brushes, silver glitter glue, self-adhesive gems (option), a small circle cut out from a cardboard

Step 1: Make the small cardboard circle your base. Glue five craft sticks at the center of the circle with the help of a glue gun. Make sure that they are even.

Step 2: Add craft sticks at the end of two sticks to make a “diamond” shape. Repeat that to make five “diamond shapes”.

Step 3: Now, cut some craft sticks into the half with the help of scissors.

Step 4: Add those cut sticks to the end of diamonds with the help of glue gun.

Step 5: It’s time for the fun part, time to paint our snowflakes. I did a double coating of white paint over my snowflake. Then, I decorated it with silver glitter glue and added some adhesive gems to get the shining effect. However, I had to use some blue paint later to make them stand out on my white walls.

Ta-da! Your winter DIY is done! You can be further creative and play with sizes and designs as your wish.

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