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The usual calm, quiet atmosphere of Mason Library was disrupted by the flashing lights and blaring noise of its fire alarm,

On Nov. 28, around 2:20 p.m., the library’s smoke detector was triggered, forcing an evacuation of the building.

Access Service Manager Jeff Kazin said, “The smoke system picked up smoke in one of the janitor’s closets upstairs, it could have just wafted over from construction.”

Kazin said he was able to tell that the alarm was set off rather than pulled by the information from the building’s fire panel. “It doesn’t look like it was pulled by anybody, it was the smoke detector that went off… I can see on the fire panel, we have a final panel back there… it said smoke detected and gave me the room number,” Kazin said.

Lieutenant Bill Greenwood of the Keene Fire Department was on the scene and said the alarm was triggered by dust from the construction work being done on the library. “They were making dust when they were doing renovations upstairs.”

Kazin said that this incident was the first time in his two years of working at the library that the alarm went off.

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