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Residential Life, Information Technology Group, Recreational Sports, and the Rugby Club presented for an increase in student fees for the fiscal year of 2020.

Rugby Club President Casey Brackett and the treasurer of the club said they had plans to request a $2,140 increase in their budget, to make up for the travel cost of competing in New York. However, because of the team’s loss, Brackett said they no longer needed the money for the trip. Bracket then asked that the increase still be approved to roll over into next semester. The assembly deferred the club to the financial committee for approval.

Chief Information Officer of the Information Technology Group Laura Seraichick presented for a 2.5 percent increase in the IT student fees budget. She cited the uses for the students fees account, saying most of the money is put towards academic purposes including lab equipment and the online academic resources like Canvas. The assembly voted unanimously to approve the increase.

Director of Recreational Sports Lynne Andrews also asked for a 2.5 percent increase in student fees. Andrews said the Recreational Sports department has picked up the insurance coverage on some of the student sporting clubs including the dance team, yoga, ski and snowboarding club, and the outing club. Andrews also mentioned that some maintenance has been looked over in areas like the tennis courts, because of lacking money. The Recreational Sports funding request was approved.

The last financial presentation was made by Director of Residential Life Kent Drake-Deese. Drake-Deese made a claim for a 2.5 percent increase as well, reasoning that in the coming year Residential Life is planning on opening Carle and Monadnock Hall once again. Drake-Deese said with these plans in place, Residential Life needs a budget increase to be able to pay the extra residential directors and assistants that the opening halls would require. Drake-Deese’s request was approved.

At the end of the Student Assembly, Coordinator of Fraternity/Sorority Life & Student Leadership Brandon Mathieu let the assembly members know that the Winter Celebration will take place on December 5.

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