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Sydney Olson is a senior secondary education and psychology major. Originally from Cheshire, Connecticut, Olson was drawn to Keene State’s campus when she toured colleges. Now, four years later, Olson has an internship with President Melinda Treadwell. She is both a leader and a logistics chair for the Alternative Break Program, and she is the community service chair for her sorority Delta Xi Phi.

“I actually got involved in Student Government because I was a write-in for a Representative position two years ago. A lot of my friends were involved in this organization and it seemed like a way to really make an impact on KSC. I really like the impact that Student Government can have on the campus community. I believe that creating a tight-knit community feeling is important in a college, and I believe that Student Government has a big part in being able to do just that,” Olson said.

Further describing her position in student government on campus, Olson said, “As the Student Body Vice President, my job is to work alongside the Student Body President. We co-chair the Events committee. An example of what this committee does is put on Pumpkin Lobotomy and Carnival. If Sarah [Dugas], who is the Student Body President, ever needs some help, I am the first person that she would get in contact with.”

Olson explained that her role as the Student Body Vice President is enjoyable for her. “Because of how much effort that I get to put into the organization that I love, it is so rewarding to see more and more students join this organization and how happy they are to be here. A few students from the class of 2022 picked up petitions the other day and it made my heart smile to see how determined these students were.”

“My overall goal for myself is to have the students feel like their voice is being heard, as Student Government is a large part in relaying student messages to the administrators of the school!” Olson said. “I would actually love for more people to join Student Government! It may seem a little scary and overwhelming from the outside. I thought so, too, but is actually the most rewarding thing I could’ve done. Class of 2022, 2021, and 2019 all have open spots on their E-boards! If anyone is interested, please pick up petitions, or get in contact with or myself if you have any questions!”

President Melinda Treadwell has worked closely with Olson through her internship that began this fall, “Sydney’s participation in student government and student activities helped me to think she could help connect as a liaison into those organizations, to bring ideas back, or get me engaged where I need to be. I think she has been an active person on campus, she’s been engaged in a lot of different organizations, and that was really what resonated for me.”

“She’s been phenomenal. I think she brings high energy and a lot of organization. She, in the few weeks that she’s been with me … has been able to put research and ideas on the table in front of me … She’s been very professional about it. She’s gotten a lot done in a very short period of time,” Treadwell said.

Junior political science and management major Emily Foy is the Student Assembly Treasurer. Her role in student government includes managing all student organization budgets and chairing the finance committee.

Foy described how much Olson has accomplished during her time in student government: “Last year when she was on the class of 2020 e-board, she always had the most creative fundraising ideas, which really helped our class raise money for more class events. This year as Student Body Vice President, she already accomplished so much. [She] and Student Body President Sarah Dugas have worked hard to bring back Pumpkin Lobotomy, which has to be a Keene State tradition. In her time in student government, she has really grown and blossomed as a person, and has transformed into such a strong and helpful leader.”

Madison Olsen, who said she met Sydney Olson through their mutual friend Foy, is a junior secondary education and English literature major. Madison Olsen is the chair of the Off Campus Housing Committee and the Class of 2020 President. She said her main job as class president is to run Class of 2020 executive board meetings and to create fun events for the Class of 2020 to enjoy.

Madison Olsen said, “Sydney puts Student Government as a top priority for her. She has brought creative ideas to the organization, like the activity for this year’s Rocktoberfest. She also does a great job acting as a liaison between Student Government and the KSC administration. The amount of time, energy and passion that Sydney gives to Student Government is inspiring.”

“In the future, I see Sydney Olson continuing to change lives, as she is today. I see her working with children, probably as a social worker. She is passionate about helping kids succeed and to see their worth. I am beyond excited to see where she goes and whose lives she changes,” Madison Olsen said. “Sydney is the most amazing person that I have ever met, and I am beyond proud of her. If the world had more Sydneys, the world would be full of a lot more peace, laughter and happiness.”

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