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Keene State Field Hockey is known for their record-breaking statistics, multiple All-American athletes, and countless Little East Conference recognitions.

For a senior, there is one season left to give it all you’ve got and to make your name known in Keene State field hockey history.

Senior and Captain Erica Stauffer did just that when she was originally picked as an alternate for the Division III Senior All-Star game, but was called up to play only a few days before.

Stauffer will join Keene field hockey alumni Kayla Renaud and All-American Sami Smith who also participated in the All-Star game in 2017.

Being an accomplished forward during her first two years at Keene, Stauffer was quickly reassigned to play midfield where the stronger players usually are.

As a captain her Junior and Senior years, she lead her team to consecutive LEC Tournament championships as well as being named First Team All-conference.

According to the National Field Hockey Coaches’ Association (NFHCA)  the “Victory Sports Tours/NFHCA Division III Senior Game features top senior players in the nation — selected seniors are given the opportunity to represent their institution while competing against their peers.”

Though the timing was last minute, Stauffer said she was “very excited” that she was able to play field hockey one last time.

“We had already finished our season and I sort of made peace with the fact that I was done, so when I got the email that I was called up to play, I was thrilled,” said Stauffer.

The date and time of the game also happened to be the same as the Keene State Senior Red and White Dance, where seniors celebrate their four years at a dance in the Dining Commons with food, drinks, and music.

“I was bummed out at first that I wouldn’t be able to go, but after talking to some of my old teammates that missed their dance for the same reason, I decided that this game was something that I just couldn’t pass up,” said Stauffer.

Stauffer played two games against other seniors in Division III across the country during this tournament.

“I felt very intimidated at first because I was playing with girls that were National Champions and the best in the country, keeping up with them was something I was very nervous about. At the end of the game, I really kept my own and was able to play a decent game with them so I was really proud of myself and it was the perfect way to end my field hockey career,” said Stauffer.

Erica Stauffer finished her collegiate field hockey career on Nov. 17 as a key member of the Keene State women’s team, captaining and starting for two years

The field hockey coach failed to comment before the deadline.

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