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There is a power behind joining together, as well as singing together.

On Wednesday Oct. 31, the Keene State College concert choir joined together with members of the community to perform Dr. Elaine Ginsberg’s “Oseh Shalom.” The event was held to bring together the community and remember those that were affected by the Pittsburg Shooting on Oct. 27.

Concert choir director, Dr. Matthew Leese, explained his desire to hold the event in light of the attacks of violence in Pittsburg. He felt the best way to cope with it was with music.

The event was took place in the Redfern Arts Center’s Alumni Recital Hall and began at 12 p.m. The group of students and community members discussed the recent tragedy and then went through a series of vocal warm ups.

The KSC students mixed the community members into their vocal sections as a symbol of unity and togetherness.

Once the groups joined together in song, the performance was conducted by Ginsberg herself. The singers sang through “Oseh Shalom”  multiple times with and without piano, attempting perfect and blend their voices, according to Leese.

After the last note of the song ran out, Ginsberg said, “That was beautiful. This means a lot to me.”

The event lasted for about 40 minutes and was open to the public.

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