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Keene State College students and faculty who work at the WKNH radio station in the Student Center are active and work hard every day to spread awareness of the radio station itself, and work to inform students of Keene about everyday student life.
The radio station at Keene State is not as well known as they would like to be, and encourage students to listen in on what is next.
Senior Co-general Manager of WKNH Peter Dubois found his place at the radio station during his freshman year at the student involvement fair. He works 10 hours a week scheduling meetings with the eboard, scheduling events and in general just talking on the radio.
About three years ago, the radio station installed a large window on the outside wall facing the lobby of the student center in hopes of exposing the radio station more to the student body here at Keene State.
The radio station has been working on making changes to be heard more by students here at Keene. Dubois said, “In terms of physical changes of the studio, the window is the biggest change yet.”
Their next step in improving the radio station is installing custom tables inside the booth to make their space in the station better to work with and be more visually pleasing.
Member of the radio station Tyler DaRosa does his podcasts on sports on Friday mornings.
DaRosa said, “With the window there, it helps people be more interested in joining because they can see the studio and see what people are working with.” DaRosa also said that “…without the window there, it would feel like an enclosed little room.”
Since the radio station is rather hidden on the third floor of the Student Center, it is hard for students at Keene State to be aware of and notice what goes on in the radio station. Some might not even know that Keene State has one at all.
A member of the radio station said that having the window “…gives the radio an opportunity for people who don’t know about the radio to see a glimpse of what goes on.” The radio station has previously done a lot of work to upgrade, and still has much more to come.
Having the window in the radio station is beneficial in a couple different ways.
It not only makes the members of the radio station feel more open in physical space, but it also gives Keene State students who are not members of the radio station the chance to have a quick inside look on what goes on in the radio station.
Members of the radio station hope that by having the window there, students of Keene State will be more aware of what goes on in the radio station and maybe even join their team.

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