Rachel Vitello
Equinox Staff
If you regularly park your car in the Winchester Lot, you should start making sure you leave it locked.
Twelve cars were broken into in the student parking lot on Sunday Oct. 28 at about 6 a.m. The two individuals breaking into the cars were spotted by a Keene State College campus safety officer who was monitoring the 24 hour surveillance in the parking lot.
Director of Campus Safety and Compliance Jeffrey Maher said, “From our dispatch center we have video surveillance all around campus.
The campus safety officer that was working at the time observed individuals going into cars. He subsequently called Keene Police, as well as sent other campus safety officers to the scene.”
The two individuals were then aprehended by Keene Police in the parking lot. They are not KSC students. Their names are not available at this time.
The two people were walking around to cars and seeing if they were unlocked. They did not force open any of the vehicles.
“The vast majority of the vehicles that had been either rummaged or taken from were left unlocked. The individuals simply walked around, tried to open the door and if the door opened access was granted,” Maher said.
It is for this reason that campus safety is encouraging students to make sure they lock their vehicles and also keep valuable items out of sight.
An email was sent out to all students Sunday afternoon from campus safety. Part of the email read, “As a matter of personal security preparedness please make sure your vehicle is always locked, with valuables either secured out of sight or kept with you.”
According to Maher, the items that were taken from vehicles were mostly electronic devices and spare change. “I would say if you have a computer or Apple watch or something of that nature, either take it with you or put it in your trunk. Don’t leave it out lying around,” Maher said.
Campus safety is going to continue to regularly patrol Winchester Lot as they have always done. The surveillance cameras will also continue to be monitored.
If anyone has any information regarding the break-ins, or witnesses suspicious activity in the future, they can call campus safety at (603) 358-2228. Individuals who witness crimes, incidents, or serious policy violations such as these break-ins can also fill out an anonymous witness form by visiting the campus safety page on the KSC website.

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