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  As far as bops go, the Beatles have jams for all times. Since The Beatles released their first song, “Love Me Do” in 1962, their cultural impact has grown through generation after generation. It is time to recognize the birthday of singer and activist John Lennon, born October 9, 1940, and The Beatles’ influence on every part of the music world.

When asked about The Beatles and how they’ve impacted the world of music, CJ Miceli casually said, “Even if you’re not a fan of The Beatles, you know at least one song by them. There’s just no way that you can go through life not hearing one song by them. The Beatles are still impacting the sound of music and impacting current bands today.”

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band!” interjects Jack Cimino as he yells out his favourite Beatles album. When asked to expand on why it was his favourite, he said with a smile on his face, “Ah. It’s actually given me a closer connection with my girlfriend because we both grew up on most of the same music. Which is not a surprise, considering how prevalent the album was in its own way, and the connection behind each song in the album has helped us develop more of a niche connection with our relationship.”

In the world of music, one of the bands that The Beatles has influenced is the British rock band Oasis. Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher sang Beatles references multiple times in many of their songs, including the song “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, with the lyric, “So I start a revolution from my bed…” Even Kurt Cobain has been quoted saying that John Lennon had a big impact on him and his songwriting style. You can be an artist in any kind of genre, and it will still be said that The Beatles will influence and impact you in some way. Every artist aspires to hit it big and be connected to their fans, and The Beatles is one of the only bands in the world who has succeeded at both.

“Well, you see, the Beatles started a revolution where artists are really connected with their fans and talking about controversial topics in pop culture,” Emma Hamilton said, with Jack Cimino adding, “Topics that aren’t usually touched or discussed in pop culture. They started what was the British Invasion, and from that followed bands like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, who playfully capitalized on the American love for British music.” The Beatles started a revolution, and it paid off.

There’s no doubt that the Beatles were big in their day, and are still big today in 2018. On occasion, I will walk by someone who’s listening to their music a little too loudly, and can hear a Beatles song through their headphones. Bands still cite the Beatles as a big influence on their style, or they’ll make a reference in a song. They are also having a massive impact on the youth of today.

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