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Alyssa Wisniewski

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On Monday, students in Phi Sigma Sigma and Phi Lambda Chi Set up on the student lawn to be pied in the face while raising money for charity.

“We are raising money for the Special Olympics and the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation,” said Reilly Hankus, a member of Phi Sigma Sigma.

The sorority and fraternity wanted to raise money while having fun at the same time.

“We’re out here having fun while raising money for a great cause,” says Hankus.

Every Fraternity and Sorority on campus has an organization they focus their philanthropy on, but give back to local charities and communities as well.

“We also raise money for the community and any other foundation we come upon,” said Hankus.

Cameron Kershaw, member of Phi Lambda Chi, liked the participation from other students.

“Everyone seems really excited about. Even people who don’t know us at all will stop by and wonder what’s going on,” said Kershaw.

Both groups put on many of these events during the year, but this is the first one this year.

One of Kershaw’s favorite parts of his organization is meeting different people.

“I think the coolest part is meeting a diverse group of people and working together,” said Kershaw.

Most of the students in the organization had a lot of fun being pied in the face.

“I’ve been pied 3 times and I’ve only been here for an hour,” said Kershaw.

To make the event more interesting, they’ve also added chocolate sauce to the pies.

“It’s one dollar to pie one of us in the face, but for five dollars you can add chocolate sauce to the pie,” says Kershaw.

Lynne Andrews, Recreational sports and the advisor of Phi Sigma Sigma for twenty-four years, says that the pie in the face event is a good way to get students involved.

“I like this one because a lot of people can get involved. It’s not like they have to donate a lot of money, it’s just for fun and goes towards a good cause,” said Andrews.

Andrews said that doing philanthropy like this shows students that sororities and fraternities are more than just about partying.

“Hopefully it shows other students what the sororities and the fraternities do. It’s not just about social party. They’re actually doing a lot of good work in the community and doing a lot of fundraising for charities,” said Andrews.

Andrews also said she likes to watch Phi Sigma Sigma working together for the community.

“Just working with them and seeing the commitment that they make, not only academically but also to the society, and the functions within the sorority,” Andrews said.

Andrews stated that sororities have opened a lot of opportunities to get more involved on campus if they were not involved in Greek Life.

“We have women who work on campus as leaders. They are involved in things on campus they may not have been involved with they weren’t involved with the sorority,” said Andrews.

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