Our real life scaries

Everyday nightmares that are a terrifying reality of today

Laura Romaniello / art director

      In 2018 young adults’ fears go beyond that of regular halloween scares and are founded in areas more realistic i.e. death, money, illness and war.

All that college students do is worry about tests, relationships, or money. Some students worry about their families that they rarely get to see. They worry about their grades, or if their GPA is high enough to enter into a good master’s program. They also worry about studying abroad, or to stay off academic probation, to just be able to stay in school. They worry that they don’t have enough time for classes, homework, internships, clubs, and a part time job that they need to be able to afford their rent. While all these fears are present, these students face a problem plaguing many even outside of college. A person cannot be happy while they worry so much.

Then it’s May; there’s graduation and they’re being sent out into the real world. Along comes the “Will I find a job?” anxiety.

Along with this comes the expectation of starting a whole life – house, wife, and kids.

This is why young people worry because what was obligated in the past (starting a family taking care of them) still exists, but with further expectations (being the first in your family to go to school and then hold a prestigious career). Being students and making connections that they learn in class builds their fears to an unsettling length.

Sometimes they forget there are even bigger problems around them. Politically things are all wound up in a ball lately. Politicians, Congress, and many others in power want to help a group of people, but they don’t want to favor them over another group.

People are suffering and worrying every day because there is nothing to be done about important issues.

Women are scared that their health insurance and Planned Parenthood will be taken away from them. Everyone has the right to vote, but no one knows who to   trust     anymore.

Everyday after scrolling on twitter and watching our United States President Donald Trump write such down right mad things like, “This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!” or back before he was even elected saying,

“President Obama – close down the flights from Ebola infected areas right now, before it is too late! What the hell is wrong with you?” How could someone so heartless be the US President? It’s worrying that as a nation, this was our only choice. Now the citizens and other members representing the US is walking on thin ice in other countries, hoping that rights don’t get taken away, and that our democracy doesn’t turn into a dictatorship.

This is a nation where school shootings happen monthly, suicide rates increase yearly, and fear raises each minute. People are nervous to go to the SuperBowl, a school fun run, or to the mall because terrorism is an ever-present threat. It’s a scary time when parents are getting ripped away from their children because their grandparents are from Mexico. This is a reality that many face and are struck with amongst other personal tragedies.

It’s a scary time in the world where people could get killed just based on who they are, who they identify as and who they were born as. People all over the world are suffering and getting killed by their government forces, by their own people.

People sit back and pray that they did enough good enough deeds to be able to get sent to Heaven after they die because of the negligence of human-kind.

In today’s culture there is a lot of pride and acceptance, but where there’s light there’s shadows. Hidden in the dark corners is lingering hate and discrimination. A straight white male might see all the laws passed and all the equality rights that are written in legal statements, but someone who identifies as being gay, bisexual, transgender, a woman and many others still feel the wrath everyday from being in the minority group.

Students here on campus see and hear about tragedy and ongoing issues in our country around the world. Starting a club, starting a fundraiser, or getting involved in the community could make a small change that grows into something huge. It’s importance for students to make an effort – they are the next generation to steer with country clear of impurities and dark secrets hidden in corners. That’s something that isn’t as scary. If a student knows it or not they have a lot of power in making a change and making a better world – and without a doubt there is a lot of room for that.

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