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Klein: A scoring machine

Benajil Rai / Multimedia Director

Izzy Harris
Equinox Staff

Scoring one goal in field hockey is something to be proud of, but to score three in one game is truly something special, and Kayla Klein has already done this four times this season.
“Even scoring one goal in a game is an accomplishment, so scoring three goals in four different games is pretty insane,” said teammate Kelsey Roberts.
Klein is a sophomore here at Keene State, and said she has been playing field hockey since she was 12. “It’s a huge part of my life and it always has been,” said Klein.
“She is a driven teammate, and she’s definitely a hardworking teammate. She takes charge when she needs to which is good, she definitely cares about everyone which is amazing,” said Roberts.
Sophomore Nina Bruno has also had four hat tricks this season. “She’s my number one push and motivation, it’s me and her up there and we’re the ones scoring the goals. We’re known as the scorers for the team, and without scoring, we can’t win,” Bruno said.
“It’s helped us win, she honestly just stepped up, having both of them on the same team has upped our game to a new level,” said Roberts.
Klein said that there are a lot of key players that are always on the field that make these hat tricks possible.
So far this season, Klein has already scored 23 goals. “Its unusual to score that many goals in a season, this year’s weird because two people have done it, to have hat tricks on top of that is unusual,” said Head Field Hockey Coach Amy Watson.
Watson said, “It’s helping us win games, if we didn’t have the kind of goal production we’ve been having from her, some of the games that have been wins may not have been if it wasn’t for her.”
“Honestly her drive to win kind of carries us up the field. She definitely wants it really bad which I think really helps everyone,” said Roberts.
Both Roberts and Watson said they described Klein has hard working. “She’s really hungry to get it in the net,” said Roberts.
“She’s a competitor, I think she hits a different zone once she gets on the field in a game, her persona kind of changes, she’s a pretty happy kid off the field, but once you get her on the field she’s really focused and driven,” Watson said.
Klein said that her next big goal is to win LEC’s championship.
“We’re coming into our tournament right now, it would be great to get some offensive production from on her on the last stretch of the season. She’s doing a great job right now and it’s hard to expect more from someone who is already doing a lot. She’s doing her job and putting the ball in the net, and we hope to see her do that in the postseason,” Watson said.
Watson said that there are five forwards on the team, so while Kayla isn’t on the field all of the time, she is most likely on the field 80% of time. “It kind of makes me wonder what she would score it she played 100% of the time. She’s got a nose for the goal, that’s for sure,” Watson said.

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