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An inside look at Keene State’s Gamers Guild

Anna Heindl / Equinox Staff

Izzy Harris

Equinox Staff

Forbidden Island, Dungeons and Dragons, Lords of Waterdeep and Snake Oil may be games you have never heard of before, but it is a fantasy come alive for some of the members of the Gamers Guild club.

The Gamers Guild club is located right here on campus, and is home to council games, board games, cooperative games and fantasy events.

“The main goal of the club is to have a whole lot of fun, and an additional goal that is not stated is to foster a sense of community within a neglected group of students,” said President of the Gamers Guild Club Joseph Erwin.

Dana Gibson is the advisor of the club and has been playing games since he was a child. “Most gamers are viewed as nerds or geeks, socially maladjusted, not to say they are, but that seems to be the popular concept. [The club] lets them be themselves,” said Gibson.

Erwin said the club is a great place for people who don’t always feel comfortable talking about their favorite games with other people. “It’s unlike any other organization. It’s an organization for people who are into nerdier things and tend to have more niche hobbies,” said Erwin.

“It’s a diversion. It’s a release from the cares of the day, from real life actually. And it’s fun. No pressure to be anything to anyone, just there to have fun,” said Gibson.

This year there has been an increase in club members. Erwin said the club is booming this year, and he now has to check out extra rooms. As of right now, Erwin said they have about 30 to 40 members.

“It’s the one time of the week we get this many people of the same
interests together at once,” Erwin said.

Corinne Colgrove is in charge of public relations for the club and has been a part of Gamers Guild Club for four years now. She said one of her favorite things about the club is how relaxed it is. “There’s no ‘you have to be here from this time to this time,’ you can come and leave whenever.”

Colgrove said that she has met her friends through this club since she started attending meetings Freshman year, and that it has been “…easy to stay there.”

Likewise, Erwin said one his favorite parts of the club is that it’s “… a good relaxing time to get together with people.”

Another one of Colgrove’s jobs is to help welcome new members. “I do a lot of helping with the new members to get acclimated and feel comfortable within the club,” said Colgrove.

As President of the club, Erwin said one of his many responsibilities is to “communicate with members and with eboards, making sure everyone is happy.” In addition to this, Erwin also said that he makes purchases for the club based entirely on what people want.

While being the president of a club can be exhausting, Erwin said he has “Gotten more fun and pleasure out of watching everyone come together and enjoy themselves.”

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