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Cailla Prisco

Student Life Editor

Many New Hampshire natives know that one of the most climbed mountains in the world, and also one of the most popular climbs in New England, is Mount Monadnock, soaring at 3,165 feet up. What people may not know is that it’s also one of the most dangerous.

According to The Union Leader in July of this year, “Thirteen volunteers aided Monadnock State Park rangers and conservation officers in carrying a Massachusetts man down the Mount Monadnock Sunday after he fell and hurt his leg, officials said.”

As a popular pastime for students and residents of Cheshire county, Monadnock always seems like a fun filled afternoon hike. That usually is the case when you take the White Dot Trail on the way up, and the White Arrow Trail on the way down, both being the beginner trails on the mountain. There are trailhead entrances in both Jaffery and Dublin so every climber must know where the beginner trail begins.

When preparing to climb Monadnock it is important to bring several items; snacks, outerwear, and water. Junior at Keene State College Ally McCall, said that her best piece of advice is to always bring something to wear to stay warm.

“Even if it’s hot out that day, bring a sweatshirt, because the top of the mountain is so cold from all the wind. Also, bring two water bottles because it’s about two hours up and two and a half hours down so your going to be on the mountain most of the day,” McCall said.

When asked about how prepared she was before climbing, McCall said that she didn’t realize how physically draining it would be,

“It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, when I was on my way there I figured it would be a small hike, like, hiking a hill. I soon found out that it wasn’t a hill at all, it was a huge mountain, I was very sore the next day,”admitted McCall.

The Outdoors Club at Keene State does several trips to Mount Monadnock including a midnight hike to see the Northern Lights, and a four a.m hike to watch the sunrise. A student at Keene state Bryce Chouinard said he’s only climbed the mountain a few times.

“I don’t know much about it but I have climbed it more than once and it wasn’t easy,” said Chouninard.

As many New Hampshire and New England natives know, Mount Monadnock seems easy, but if not prepared, could turn deadly at any moment so always be aware.

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