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History and Archives go hand in hand. History provides the facts while archives provide the story. At KSC, Master of Arts in History and Archives is a graduate program that allows students studying any major to apply on a part time or full time basis.

“You can be a business major, a computer science major, a film major, a theater major and come to the program and we’ll provide that historical context so that when working in archive you’ll be able to make better sense of the materials that are already there and the materials that’ll come to you,” Andrew Wilson, PhD, professor of history and philosophy, said.

This graduate program is only just starting, as this semester is the first semester it’s ever been offered on campus.

But so far, students are showing a want and desire to explore what this graduate program has to offer.

“We’ve been including archival work in some of our history classes and the students really enjoy that, and rightly so because it allows them to have direct contact with historical sources,”  Wilson said.

“Archives represent more than information,” Professor Rodney Obien, college archivist, said. The graduate program allows to students to dive deeper into understanding the importance of having, maintaining, and obtaining archives.

When thinking about the program, any student who’s interested in the study of history and archives is welcome to apply.

It gives students a solid background in in archives and records and trains students to become well rounded archivists.

“It’s a masters program in history and archives. The core of it is to essentially give students the solid background, a graduate studies background in history, and also train them to become archivists and work with archival material,” Obien explains.

Student’s interested in furthering their education don’t have to worry about the hassle of transferring to a new school, they can take the program at KSC, and in no time have their Masters in History and Archives.

Students can apply on the Keene State website ( There you’ll find the Masters of Arts in History and Archives undergraduate studies.

Michael Fremeau, a junior history major at KSC, said he believes there’s a great amount of importance in dealing with history and archives.

“Archives are an important part of society that not many people know a lot about. Archives are where we keep history and anyone can access them if they want to learn,” Fremeau said.

He also found this graduate program to be extremely important and useful for those who are looking to pursue a career in either history or archives. “I think this graduate program is extremely important because it offers a chance to students to pursue their education further without the hassle of transferring to another school,” Fremeau explained.

“As the school archivist, I almost feel like a keeper. I keep the important stuff that down the line someone will say ‘I need this about this’ and be able to find it in a safe, preserved spot,” Obien said.

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