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Erin McNemar
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The sound of music filling the air, the bright sun shining down on you and the feeling of unity.
Nothing compares to a summer concert.
Over the years, I have been to more concerts than I can count. From classical to metal, I have seen a wide spectrum of genres.
While I love the different aspects every concert brings to the table, I have always found myself enjoying concerts more in the summer.
No matter what band I’m seeing, there is something about being outside that sets these shows apart from others.
Last October, I was given Paramore tickets for my birthday.
I began listening to them when I was 9 years old and they have been one of my favorite bands ever since.
When I received the tickets I was over the moon, not only because of how much I adored the band, but because of the sentimental feelings I have towards the group.
As I sang along and danced to every song I felt intense amounts of joy. I looked around at my fellow concert goers to share in what I believe is the greatest feeling you can have at a concert. Community.
While the concert was unforgettable and one of the best shows I ever went to, it was not my all time favorite.
My favorite concert I’ve been to was, hands down, the Foo Fighters.
This past July, I saw the Foo Fighters with my family at Fenway Park for the second time.
Although the Foo Fighters are not my favorite band, they are in my top five.
I won’t say that either group put on a better performance than the other, but I believe my experience at the Foo Fighters was better.
The air was fresh, the music radiated into the city, and even though weather was poor, the rain added to the experience.
According to Newsday, 2018 has had more summer concerts than any year past.
This is because in my opinion summer concerts are about more than just music. Summer festivals like Warped Tour create a diverse experience.
Concert goers could listen to bands, visit merch tables and sometimes even meet band members. Summer festivals such as Boston Calling and Lollapluza offer similar experiences.
In addition, summer is the season for relaxation.
You don’t have to worry about being at a concert too late and have to wake up for classes the next day.
For me, being worry-free of the next days responsibilities makes it easier for me to enjoy the show.
While I have loved almost every concert I have been to, I believe nothing can beat the unforgettable experience of a summer concert.
The warmth of the summer air, the large open space, and above all else, the carefree environment.
As summer concert season comes to an end, I can’t help but feel a little sad.
The weather will start to cool, the leaves will begin to change and we will say goodbye to summer until next year.

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