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Keene State Colleges,’ Chock Full O’Notes (CFON), the only acapella group on campus, is a student organized club with a passion for creating music. Known for their participation in the Boston Acapella Competition, and their unique expression of music, there is more to the group than just competing and performing songs without the use of instruments. Consisting of less than twenty members, and featuring students from different musical backgrounds, CFON is a diverse and welcoming group. Some students in the group are music majors, while most participate just for fun. “It’s great for me because I don’t really have any musical background,” says Morgan Sulham, a KSC senior and President of CFON. “Anybody can do it, really.”
The group also self arranges their own music, most of which are original pieces. “It’s not just for people who have an extensive background in agranging music,” says Brendan Goodwin, a KSC senior and Music Director of the group. “I know people who aren’t music majors that can arrange better than I can and they don’t read music.”
The process of arranging music, to the group is not a task, but rather an enjoyable experiment that essentially assists in the growth and development of musical abilities, and skills according to the members. By joining a group like CFON, musical talents can be expanded for people who choose not to major in music, but still have a passion for it.
Upon joining any musical organization however, comes the challenge of auditions. The group is currently looking, for approximately seven new students to join CFON. New students who wish to join, must prepare two thirty second songs, preferably in two different genres. The panel of CFON, who hold auditions, may also ask for a scale to be sung during auditions. There are two days of auditions. The first day consists of single person auditions, which is when selected songs will be sung along with the scale. Additionally, there will be a brief interview after the audition, where personal questions may be asked so the panel can get to know and understand the auditionee on a personal level.
During the second day of auditions, all who auditioned will be taught a song that the group had sung during the previous semester. The panel does understand how nerve-wracking auditions can be for most people, and wants auditionees to know that there is nothing to be nervous about. “Just have fun with it. People are going to stress about it but we’re a very friendly group of people and we’ve all auditioned, we’ve all been through it. Do your best and pick songs you enjoy. Do it because you like it. Do it because you’re passionate about it.” says Zach Howe, a KSC senior and the treasurer of the group.
“Just go for it, and try to work past those nerves,” says Sulham. “Just come in with an open mind, prepare to have fun and don’t be too scared.”
CFON will be holding auditions on Wednesday, September 19th, from 8─10P.M. and Sunday, September 23rd, from 7-10P.M. in Rhodes Hall, room 210. There will also be students from the group at the Student Involvement Fair on Thursday, September 6th for potential auditionees, should they have any questions.

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