Lately, when scrolling through Netflix and deciding what to watch next, I have found myself drawn to the films and shows that have “A Netflix Original” written on the poster, and every time, I’ve been happily surprised. 

Angelique Inchierca / Photo Editor

Angelique Inchierca / Photo Editor

Whether it be the comedy “Love” or the thriller “Altered Carbon,” I know that I can count on the production quality and plot line to be impressive. This week, I decided to give the Netflix original, “When We First Met” a chance.

Starring Pitch Perfect’s Adam Devine and Percy Jackson’s Alexandra Daddario, “When We First Met” is the perfect thing to watch if you’re looking for a modern twist on the light-hearted romantic comedies we know and love. The story follows Noah and opens at a bridal shower, where we find out he’s in love with the bride-to-be, Avery. 

The story unfolds to greater depths when he stumbles across a photo booth and decides to sit in it and reminisce about the moments spent with her in it. He then presses the camera button and wishes things were different, and the next morning, he wakes up on the day they first met. 

The film has a very “Groundhog Day” vibe, paired with a rom-com twist. The combination of the two is seemingly a good idea, except for the fact that the film lacked enough material and plot to keep the story going. 

Although Noah embarks on timelines where he goes from the cool guy to the bad boy, and every other stereotype in between, none of the interactions are that exciting or new. The romantic trajectory of the film is apparent from the beginning, especially with only two female characters in the entire story. 

I’ve been excited and pleased with every Netflix original I’ve seen so far, yet this one unfortunately falls short. 

“When We First Met” was repetitive and lacked dynamic characters that kept the viewer’s attention, yet had an underlying plot that kept me entertained just enough to not turn it off. 

The initial idea and beginning was strong, but paired with the length and stagnant plot line, I would recommend it only as background material when browsing through Netflix and needing something as ambient noise. 

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