Honoring Keene State College alumni in one form or another is something that is very familiar to each KSC athlete and student. 

Emily Perry / Equinox Staff

Emily Perry / Equinox Staff

The KSC rugby team really tapped into honoring their alumni by establishing a brand new scholarship. The scholarship honors 2009 KSC and rugby alumni Samuel A. Martin. 

Martin passed away last year, which inspired other alumni from the rugby team to create the Samuel ‘09 Memorial Scholarship in his honor. This scholarship honors Martin’s life and is primarily for safety majors at KSC. 

KSC rugby player Drew Pickett said that the scholarship was created in appreciation of the former KSC rugby player. 

Even though not much information is known about it yet, Pickett said that the scholarship will provide a great opportunity for students who are safety majors to get a little extra help with paying off the debt that a semester can entail. 

“Helping incoming students, as well as honoring former ones, is very important to the rugby team,” Pickett said. He added that he thinks it is very important to honor alumni because without them, they would not have the connections, the club or the family that they do now. 

He said, “It is always important to honor them now and for the future.”

“Although this scholarship goes only to a certain major, it will be extremely helpful in helping students pay for their education and feel more comfortable taking that leap into college,” Pickett added. 

Donations or a tribute gift in honor of Martin and his accomplishments as a rugby player and a safety major can be made at:


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