We all know that being environmentally friendly is a good thing; that’s pretty self-explanatory. We all understand that recycling and using reusable products are important. However, there are so many other simple and easy things we, as a society, can do to save the planet. Even doing one of these things and making it a habit can help the earth immensely. 

Landfills are filled with the trash we throw away every day, which leads to greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. Obviously, recycling your plastic bottles and soda cans can help this problem. However, a better way to deal with this problem is to not create the waste in the first place. 

Using a reusable water bottle is a great way to decrease the amount of plastic bottles that end up in landfills, but if you are using a plastic bottle, it’s important to recycle it. Recycling and using reusable products can not only reduce pollution, but can prevent greenhouse gases from being emitted into the atmosphere, as well as save energy and money. 

Colton Mccracken / Senior photographer

Colton Mccracken / Senior photographer

Another complication the earth is facing today is the carbon footprint left by humans on the planet, and, although this problem is improving as more people become aware of it, we haven’t yet fully fixed the problem as a whole. 

Carpooling, taking the bus or even just making an effort to walk when it’s nice outside or ride a bike rather than drive are all easy things we can do to help the environment. In addition, reducing the amount of time your car idles in the winter when it’s heating up, or just generally turning off your car when its not in use, can also help reduce the carbon footprint left on the world. 

Many institutions are doing their part as well to help with this problem, such as using solar energy instead of gas. 

Additionally, the wildlife on this earth is in danger as a result of the human species.  Trophy hunting, over hunting, littering and illegally killing animals in preserved areas are all killing creatures at a disgusting rate, and something should be done. Humans are treating all other living things as nothing, and millions are dying with each passing day. 

Luckily, there are many things we can do to help. 

First, littering kills thousands of animals, both in the ocean and on land. Reducing the amount of harmful trash left on the ground and in the water by choosing not to litter and helping to clean up your community can save animals in a huge way. 

In addition, if you feel strongly about this topic, you can back up organizations that fight for animal rights by lobbying to get rid of trophy hunting and harmful institutions such as Sea World. Even the smallest action towards this cause can help wildlife majorly. 

The earth is in trouble, but luckily, mankind is smart enough to have figured it out and is trying to reverse the process. Organizations are forming all over the world to fight for our planet’s health. 

The actions mentioned in this article are small, but done on a large scale, they can greatly improve the well-being of our home and the planet we live on.

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