Students and prospective employers got the chance to talk about and explore possible career avenues at the Keene State College job fair.

Nonprofit and for-profit companies met in the Spaulding Gymnasium to give students insight and accept job applications and resumes. Doors opened for the event on March 22, from 1 to 3:30 p.m..

Puja Thapa / Business Manager

Puja Thapa / Business Manager

The sponsorship money from the semiannual event goes to the Academic and Career Advising’s career programs.

KSC senior and safety Major Eric Sbona said, “I really want an internship, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t get one. Internships really helps with the stress of trying to find one.” Full-time jobs and both paid and unpaid internship applications were available to students.

New Hampshire Department of Corrections Recruiter Linda McDonald said, “We need more information technology applicants.” McDonald also said they are looking for students who have experience in videography.

A broad range of career opportunities were present at the job fair, including positions in education, healthcare, communications, safety and more. Senior safety major James Schaefer said that he had talked to three companies and he had a positive experience with all of them. “I expect to meet different people and find opportunities that fit my role and my degree,”  Schaefer said.

Easterseals is a company that provides services for people of all age groups with special needs. Representative for the company Nancy Skar said, “Students with prior experience like volunteer work and internships have a leg up.” Skar said she is looking for someone who is in control of their emotions and has a calm disposition.

For one student, some of the opportunities she explored were not what she expected. Junior Lucy Smith said, “I see some posters advertising something and it turns out to be entirely different.”

Senior Alexandra Sholtes is one of the students who helped put on the career fair and said the event has grown from the smaller venue of the Mabel Brown Room to now being in the recreational gym in the Spaulding Gymnasium.

“It’s awesome that it’s moved to the gym because it’s given the opportunity to open it up to even more employers… A lot of the growth has to do with the interest in Keene State students from employers. More employers in the area are finding out we do put on this really big fair and we’ve also coined it as the ‘Your Future Fair.’” Sholtes said.

Sholtes said in the spring, the fair not only allows employers to present their company at the fair, but also allows schools that offer graduate programs to come and speak with students who are considering attending graduate school after they leave KSC.

Along with helping to put on the ‘Your Future Fair,’ Sholtes said she also uses the fair as a way for her to connect with employers in her major of psychology. Sholtes said another benefit of the Career Fair is that students who have already graduated from KSC will return for the fair and recruit current KSC students.

KSC alumni Michael Brindley graduated in 2003 and currently works for New Hampshire Public Radio. Brindley said the Career Fair is a great way for students to see opportunities for their future and what careers are out there.

Brindley said one thing he looks for in potential employees is their drive. Brindley said he wants to hear people’s aspirations. “There should be a natural curiosity about both our goals and their goals,” Brindley said.

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