Embarking on a new adventure can be exciting and scary.

Brandon Moulton / Equinox staff

Brandon Moulton / Equinox staff

There is a lot of unknown that goes into trying anything knew, and the information that you don’t know can sometimes be daunting, and even disabling.

As a learning and still-evolving skier, there were a lot of fears I had when arriving at the ski resort that first day.

A huge common fear for first-time skiers is honestly just the fear of skiing in general. Skiing is no easy task.

Being put on two skis and being expected to go down a mountain that always looks steeper than it really is, is scary. Even the bunny hill for first-timers can look impossible.

However, I think having some fear is always healthy because you are aware and want to strive for safety.

The fear of skiing can come from a fear of heights, panicking once on skis, pushing yourself beyond your physical abilities, and getting frustrated too easily.

All of these components can lead to a miserable day that can result in you packing up your skis for good.

In all honesty, skiing and learning how to ski requires patience and the ability to believe in your own skills.

So often people learning how to ski lose faith in their own ability to learn and push themselves a little further each trip they make down the mountain.

Just like any activity, skiing requires hard work, determination and the desire to participate.

If you’re just learning how ski, believe me, it’s okay to be scared.

My first day, I was petrified. I had butterflies in my stomach the entire ride up to the mountain.

We were on a dirt road and it felt like we were going to drop off as we got higher up.

When we finally got back to lower ground and turned a corner, I saw my first-ever ski resort in full view.

The trails were barely visible because of the heavy fog, but a lot of my fear dissipated because of the sheer beauty.

I was scared when I put my first-ever pair of ski boots on, I was scared as I attached my first-ever ski pass to my jacket, and I was scared when I snapped on my first pair of skis (with much needed help of course).

Fear is a common reaction to the unknown, but it’s important not to let that fear impare you and pull you away from amazing opportunities that can change your life.

I’ve faced many adversities as a skier.

My patience, determination, physical ability and self-doubt have been tested every single time I ride the chair lift up to the top.

But overcoming all those things, that once made me so scared, had made the journey down the trails so much more rewarding.

Don’t give up even if you have fears surrounding learning how to ski or just skiing in general.

Take your own pace, learn at your own abilities.

It’ll be 100  times worth it in the end.

Caroline Perry can be contacted at cperry@kscequinox.com

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