So many KSC athletes receive Little East Conference (LEC) weekly and monthly awards and the feeling of that accomplishment is often lost in the noise of the regular season. These individual accomplishments mean a lot to each and every Owl who receives one and symbolize the great succes that KSC holds within its athletic department.

Colton McCracken / Senior Photographer

Colton McCracken / Senior Photographer

Senior and women’s volleyball athlete Rachel Lamica said winning an LEC award felt great. “It’s an amazing accomplishment, and it made me believe hard work does pay off,” Lamica said. Lamica added that winning these awards build an athlete’s confidence and makes her personally feel like she has what it takes to accomplish whatever she set her mind to. “It is fulfilling to be recognized. There were many hours put into training and practicing volleyball my whole life, so it felt great to get an LEC award,” Lamica said. Although winning an LEC award is based on individual success, Lamica said that her team is a big part of her success and support. “My team is incredibly supportive, so they are proud and congratulated me afterward receiving the award,” Lamica added.

Senior and member of the women’s swim and dive team, Hope Walsh, said winning an LEC award was a treat. “You do not expect it, so it is a little surprise that keeps you motivated and reminds you, that what you are doing is working, and being noticed. And in a sport like swimming where it is so mentally draining, it really helps keep you positive and moving forward,” Walsh said. Walsh said that receiving an LEC inspires her to get faster and motivates her to really push herself in the pool. “Being recognized is always fulfilling. What athlete doesn’t want it? It might not be what we work for, but it is an added perk. It reminds you why you do it, and I am grateful for that,” Walsh added. Just like Lamica, Walsh said that her team plays a very important role in her individual success. “When one person succeeds we all do, because we couldn’t do it without the support of each other,” said Walsh.

Senior Erica Stauffer and member of the women’s field hockey team said that winning an LEC award is always appreciated and a well-included reward when competing in a college sport. Working everyday and striving to get better becomes that much easier when being rewarded for the effort you put in, Stauffer said. However, Stauffer added, no individual success can be met without a team and the coaches that lead. “My team supports one another and always encourages one another to get better. We lift each other up in times of success and in times of struggle,” Stauffer said.

Winning LEC awards isa perk to the hard work that goes into each and every sport. But the real success is found in the individual’s drive and ability to motivate themselves to become better. The more work you put into a sport, the more you get out of it. The more dedication you have in a sport, the better you will perform.

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