Post-graduation planning

Why graduating students should not worry about their future after college

It’s almost time for spring break, and for graduating students, it is also time to apply for jobs. This time of year can be stressful for those seeking employment opportunities for after graduation. Those who feel nervous are not alone. According to The Equinox’s  Staff writer Ashley Arnold’s Student Life article titled, Student’s worries about making money after college, “Seventy percent of Keene State College students stress about money and their future incomes…”



It seems like there is so much to worry about after graduation, such as finding a place to live, finding a job and paying your own bills. But KSC students can sleep well at night knowing their school provides them with the resources they need to succeed. The Academic and Career Advising (ACA) office is a resource all students should take advantage of during their time at KSC. According to the ACA’s official website, “Our career advisors assist KSC students and alumni in exploring career options, developing resumes and cover letters, conducting job and internship searches, perfecting interview skills and navigating the graduate school process.”

KSC provides its students with the resources and tools they need to ensure they graduate with a plan for their future. By using these assets, students can put together a professional resume, cover letter and prepare for interviews to land them their dream job. Even though it may take some time to get where you ultimately want to be in your career, do not be discouraged.

When you are first starting out, it is normal to start at the bottom and work your way to your ideal job or title. The reason you come to school is to learn a specific set of skills and study a particular area or subject. Everything you do during your time at KSC will benefit you in the future in one way or another, whether that be getting involved in a student organization or taking a summer class to earn some extra credits, that experience will be beneficial to you. Something soon-to-be graduating students need to keep in mind is that no one got to where they are now without hard work.

Once you graduate, there is no shame in starting low in a company or working small jobs to save money. It is less likely to land an extremely high-paying job fresh out of college, so start off at an entry level position. It is also important not to stand in the way of your own opportunities. You never know where your next job will be located, so keep an open mind. Don’t lock yourself to one specific location when that might not be the most realistic option for your career. Keeping an open mind about your career and where it will take you is vital. Sometimes you have to start off at a small position in a no-name town in order to end up at your dream job in a big city, and there is no shame in that. Apply to a job if it sounds like it would be of interest to you, no matter the location.

Students, whether they are graduating or not, should always be saving money. If an opportunity comes along where you need to move out and fend for yourself, it is a smart idea to have some extra money tucked away so you are not living paycheck to paycheck. It is also important to always be open to meeting new people. You never know how the connections you make now could benefit you in the future; networking is crucial.

It is extremely normal to feel overwhelmed while thinking about graduating and your future. As long as you make sure to put in the time and effort , you will be successful. KSC offers solutions to stressful situations, such as planning for your future, that students should take advantage of.

Whether you land your dream job right out of college or years later, you will find happiness in your career eventually. Being nervous for this next phase in your life is only human. While it is important to take time to accept those nerves, it is more important that you overcome them and realize that you will end up where you are meant to be.

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