Safe housing is something all students who are preparing to live off-campus should be thinking of.

With the second semester already in progress, students are making arrangements for that next step.

A lot of preparation goes into planning ahead for another semester, such as putting together your schedule, checking what books you need to buy or figuring out a housing situation.

According to Keene State College’s website, “Keene State College requires all first and second year students to live on campus.”

But once KSC students reach their junior year, they are eligible to live off campus if they choose to do so.

Those who choose not to live in a residence hall after sophomore year are attracted to the freedom of living in an off-campus location.

They can still be in walking distance from campus and downtown, but feel more in control of themselves because they are in their first house or apartment without parental supervision.

But with this freedom comes some major responsibilities.

There is a lot to put into consideration when thinking about moving off-campus.

These things include finding roommates, furnishing the rooms and paying for Wi-Fi.

But most importantly, making sure you are moving into a safe location.

If there is one thing to put at the top of your off-campus housing must-haves list, it is safety.

Now, people have different definitions of safety but that does not mean anyone should be too lax about their well-being.

KSC students living in off-campus locations have had their homes broken into in the past and unfortunately, it will likely happen again in the future if the proper precautions are not taken.

If you are planning to live off-campus for your junior or senior year, make sure to check up on your apartment or house before you go home for breaks.

If your thermostat needs to be set at a certain temperature so your pipes do not freeze or burst, do so.

Always remember to scan your home over and make sure all windows and doors are properly locked since these are typically the first way someone who is breaking and entering into a residence will enter.

While viewing various off-campus housing options, ask the landlord about safety protocols such as locks on the doors and windows.

Make sure that the locks are functioning and if they are not, be sure that they will be replaced before you move anything into that location.

Prior to moving off-campus, look up crime reports around the area you are thinking of moving to.

If one option is located in an area with numerous crime reports and safety violations, maybe you should opt for the safer choice.

While there are numerous things students who are thinking about moving off-campus should consider, safety should definitely be a top priority.

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