Winter is around the corner and with that comes the much needed winter break that all students and athletes look forward to. The ability to get away from constant school work for an entire month is often the much needed push during finals week, however, with basketball season in full swing, this poses problems for the women’s basketball team. With basketball season being particularly more demanding than some seasons, the women’s basketball team only gets one week off for winter break, returning three weeks earlier in order to practice and have games. This early return takes time away from family and even individual time, said first-year Tamra Gonyea.

Joey Sullivan / Equinox Staff

Joey Sullivan / Equinox Staff

When Gonyea heard that she would only have a week off for winter break, she admitted she was sad and that it was unfortunate. With moving away from home and now being submerged in basketball season, Gonyea said that it has taken a toll on her family time. “Having such limited time has affected my family time, and it does stress me out. I feel like as soon as I am settled at home I have to pack up again. I also went from being with my family all the time to seeing them every few weeks if I am lucky,” said Gonyea. The stress from being apart from her family increases even more as the effects of basketball settle in. Gonyea said that she thinks basketball is definitely one of the more demanding sports. “It’s very physical and takes a toll on your body, but it’s also a very long season,” said Gonyea. However, even with the toll that it has taken on her family life and her own individual life, Gonyea said that basketball is more than worth it. She admits that it’s a lot, but she has learned a lot about herself and how not only physically tough, but mentally tough she is. “I think basketball keeps me focused and disciplined. You also become a part of a family & make some of your best friends through your teammates. The coaches also help a lot and are willing to do more than just coach your game, but get help if it’s needed in the classroom too,” added Gonyea.

Sophomore Hien Thach said that her thoughts on only having a week off is much like a love-hate relationship. Tach admits that it stinks not being able to spend more time with her family and friends at home, especially during the holiday season, but that having the team here at KSC during winter break has perks as well. “We are able to just focus on basketball and basketball only. This is a period in time where you can get a lot better individually and as a team,” said Thach.

She added that only having a week off has impacted her time spent with her family, because she is only with them for a week, instead of four weeks, but that because of this, has has learned to not take her time with them for granted.

Like Gonyea though, Thach thinks that basketball is very much worth it.  Thach said that she does think that basketball is very much worth it even though it is time constraining because she is on a set schedule every day during the season, so she learns to manage her time wisely.

“I have seen a big difference in my grades and my studying habits when I am in season compared to when I am out of season. You also get a break every day from the madness of school work, to just play the game you love and have some fun” added Thach.

All in all, Thach said that the biggest thing she has taken away from playing basketball in college is being part of a team, which requires trust within each other on the court and off the court.

“This alone is what builds team chemistry and it’s a great feeling being able to create a family away from home,” said Thach. First-year Jordyn Burke and sophomore Sophie Bushey were unable to comment after attempts at contact.

Despite the constraints that basketball season may create, the basketball team endures them and works hard, as all KSC athletes strive to do.

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