In week 14 the New England Patriots (10-2) went up against the Miami Dolphins (5-7).

The struggle on the field was evident as the Patriots trailed 0-6 at the end of the first quarter mark.

The Patriots offense was set on neutral, as quarterback Tom Brady failed to complete a single pass in the first quarter.

DeVante Parker was able to get an interception for the Miami Dolphins, discouraging Pats Nation.

However the Patriots ability to make great turnarounds has always been in their history, so going into the second quarter there was very little worry.

In the second quarter the Patriots got back into Miami territory, as Tom Brady set up a 46-yard field goal for Stephen Gostkowski. Beforehand the Dolphins were able to get a crucial third down, which helped Jarvis Landry get into the end zone.

Going into the halftime mark the Patriots trailed 10-13. After halftime, Patriots fans were ready for a quick turn around, but they received the exact opposite.

In what some would say the worst performance seen from the Patriots in the 2017 season, the New England team struggled further in the third quarter.

It all began to fall apart as the Miami Dolphins scored two touchdowns on their two drives in the third quarter.

Jay Cutler was able to find Jarvis Landry, for yet another touchdown, which increased the dolphins lead.

The Patriots defense failed to do anything. Prior to these two final plays of the third quarter, quarterback Tom Brady found Danny Amendola on two consecutive plays for a total of 32 yards.

Tom Brady has never had the best of records against Miami and the score at the end of the third quarter indicated that it wouldn’t be getting much better either.

The entirely rough third quarter made Patriots fans all around cringe, but with still one quarter left, hope was alive. Going into the fourth quarter the Patriots trailed 10-27.

Looking for a turnaround, Tom Brady worked to find spots, successfully getting the Pats into the red zone.

With the help of a play-action pass to James White who was running a flat route, New England moved up.

With only ten points away the Patriots looked for opportunities, even attempting an outside kick.

But to no avail the Patriots took a 20-27 loss.

Now at week 14, the Patriots need to look forward now and prepare themselves for week 15.

No more losses are needed in the Pat nation.

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