Pan-Lennon Norkiewicz and Vivian Valengavich

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Vivian: “That one time you asked me to put on the theme from Rocky to do your testosterone shot to get hyped up, and I still had to give it to you afterwards. I know it’s sucky but I do it because I still want to see you happy and feeling right, even if I have to stab you with a scary needle every so often.

Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

Alexandria Saurman / Managing Executive Editor

Pan-Lennon: “That one time I gave you all those underwear because I didn’t need them anymore, and miraculously they fit you as well as they fit me. It didn’t help that they looked way cuter on you than they ever did on me.”

Vivian: “That one time I was actually able to give you some clothes because literally only two of my old shirts fit you, being a foot taller than you and substantially smaller otherwise. At least you’re able to wear them, even if just to bed.”

Pan-Lennon: “That one time you were feeling more dysphoric than you had in a while and asked me to help you pick out an outfit, so we sat there for 15 minutes finding you clothes until you had the perfect outfit. You looked so wonderful, gotta get that outfit back out for a special occasion.”

Vivian: “That one time I sat with you into the night reminding you over and over that you’ll always be my man, and no matter what your parents tell you, you’re not the problem. I’d do it a million times more, if I needed to, I just hope I don’t.”

Pan-Lennon: “That one time I helped you with your makeup for a day you were feeling a little extra. Not that you’re not already pretty, but that eyeliner was absolutely gorgeous on you.”

Vivian: “That one time I shopped for binders with you until we found the perfect tank binder for an awesome price. Sorry it’s not the best, but you look so good in it anyhow.”

Pan-Lennon: “That one time I had to remind you to take your meds. And by ‘That one time’ I mean ‘Literally all of last year.’”

Vivian: “That one time I helped you remember what it is to be trans, and that you’re allowed to be my manliest man and still want to wear a dress every so often, or be adorable and also be super handsome. That holds true still my love.”

Pan-Lennon: “That one time I proposed in front of the restaurant we had our first date at, even though everyone thought it was a little early. From that day and to this day I still know I’ve made the right decision, my love.”

Vivian: “That one time I said yes because, even though in the beginning I was so hesitant, I came to realize that there really was no one else for me but you. And nothing could ever change that.”

Vivian and Pan-Lennon: “That one time I told you I was there for you, and that one time I told you I’d always be there for you?”

In very aspect of your life, support those who mean something to you. Tell your friend they mean the world to you, tell your significant other you’ll always love them, tell the world that it matters to you. Do something small but kind, think hard about your actions, because in the end it’s not about what you have. It’s who you met and loved along the way.

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