Greg J. Shawinsky

Fishing Club Vice President

Contributed Photo

Contributed Photo

I started the Fishing Club in 2015 and recruited about 30 members. The first year, we would have weekly meetings in the Putnam Science Center where we would talk about our individual fishing experiences and compare pictures of fish we had all caught. Whoever had caught the biggest fish that week would pick a prize like a lure or a Fishing Club shirt.

As a club, every two weeks we go on a fishing outing on a weekend. Normally groups of four to five people will come. Some spots that we frequent are Silver Lake in Harrisville, various parts of the Connecticut River, Franklin Pierce Lake and some other cool spots.

Currently, Austin Metcalfe is President, Joe Campbell is our Outing Coordinator, Fletcher Loomis is our Treasurer and I’m Vice President. We have a slightly smaller club this year, but we would like it better to have a handful of committed members, rather than a bunch of semi-interested students. However, everyone is welcome to join no matter how much or how little fishing experience.

Our next outing will involve us trail riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) into Pisgah State Park to get to some Bass fishing at the ponds deep into the forest.

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