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Ty Nichols reaches 1,000 points

With basketball off to a start, the Owl Nation faces even more success in winter sports, as Ty Nichols, junior and guard on the men’s basketball team, became the thirty-sixth 1,000 point scorer in the Keene State College program.

Sebastien Mehegan / Multimedia Director

Sebastien Mehegan / Multimedia Director

Nichols scored 16 points against SUNY Plattsburgh and had six assists, five rebounds, and one block, ultimately walking away with a 73-66 victory and the 1,000 point accomplishment.

Nichols said that reaching 1000 points was something he knew he was going to push himself to accomplish, but that his true goal is the reach 2,000 points.

“It feels good, but I’m more worried about the success of the team this year,” added Nichols.

As a KSC athlete, Nichols believes that the success of an individual comes from the success of their team, and he makes sure to push his team to their true abilities.

Nichols said that he works to give each player the confidence they need to go out and do the right things on the court, to make plays, and most importantly to be themselves.

“I always tell them never to get caught up in the hype of the game and crowd. While off the court I tell them things that made my KSC career successful and things they need to do to become better people in society,” added Nichols.

However, Nichols is also influenced by the good of his team.

“My team has set me up with numerous opportunities to be successful, along with the coaching staff,” said Nichols.

He added that he team, as well as his coaches don’t set him up for failure and ask him to do things that they know he is capable of accomplishing.

Junior and teammate Kyle Santoro sees Nichols as a leader, dedicated, and an extreme threat on the court.

Santoro said that as an athlete Nichols is the most invested person on the basketball team, always working to improve his game.

Santoro added that Nichols has really grown a lot as a leader since last season and now being one of the older, more experienced players, Nichols is learning to fill that role quickly.

“He now leads by example and is more vocal and everyone listens to what he has to say,” said Santoro.

Apart from being a leader, Nichols is a highly competitive and devoted athlete said Santoro.

“He is dangerous from all aspects on the court. He can shoot, pass, get the ball easily and his defense is really good this year. He plays physical and works hard every single day,” added Santoro.

Unfortunately, fellow teammates Charles McClain and Dizel Wright were unable to comment on Nichols 1,000 point achievement after numerous attempts.

Nichols said that as the season goes on he looks forward to pushing his team and working hard, in hopes to reach success in the championship.

Nichols said that there is no better feeling that seeing all the hardwork you put in all year pay off in the end and that his main goal for his college career is to win a national championship.

“I feel as though this can be the year that we get it done,” said Nichols.

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