The search is on to fill a variety of open job positions here at Keene State College. After a review of the school’s budget, there are 11 available positions. A few of these include Program Support Assistant for Financial Aid Office, Assistant Director of Human Resources and an Administrative Assistant for the Mason Library. One of the available jobs also includes the new Provost, a position with many responsibilities across the campus.

The main role of a Provost is to be second-in-command to the President of a university. Interim President Dr. Melinda Treadwell said, “The Provost is responsible for all academic leadership and speaks for the faculty. The most important role, in my opinion, is holding the integrity and quality of the academic mission of the institution.”

For the past two years, William Seigh has been working as the Provost as part of a two-year acting appointment. “I could extend William’s acting appointment, but I am concerned that I must help to stabilize key leadership roles for the campus to move forward…The Provost is too critical a role to not stabilize it now. I do hope William will submit candidacy to continue in this role,” said Treadwell.

President Treadwell and the Human Resources (HR) staff will be working together to form a search committee to appoint the new Provost. The hiring process for the Provost differs very little from how other positions are appointed. “The one difference with those higher level positions is that we have open forums on campus, which gives the campus community a chance to meet the finalists, view a presentation and review some documentation, such as resumes,” said Associate Director of Human Resources Karen Crawford.

The qualities and qualifications being sought in the new Provost position are undefined as of right now. “The President has a draft of the description of the position and is currently looking it over and tweaking it for what she is looking for in a Provost…[The] Provost is a huge position on campus; she’s going to make sure that what she’s looking for is spelled out,” said Crawford.

As for the other available positions, HR is currently working on creating advertisements on the site for the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) and gathering applications they have already received. Assistant Director of Human Resources Heather McGreer said of the applications, “The quality of our pools, just from posting from our site, has really increased. I don’t necessarily base it on the size of the pool because you could receive only three to five applicants, but have all of them be extremely qualified for the position.”

The 11 positions currently available were chosen based on necessity and urgency on campus. “[Treadwell] worked with her executive officers to determine what were critical positions to fill. We knew what resources we had and we wanted to work within that,” said Crawford. Other positions not chosen were either tabled for later discussion or were decided to never be filled. One of the open positions includes the Administrative Assistant of Mason Library. Dean of Mason Library Celia Rabinowitz said, “We really depend on our administrative assistant in Mason Library… We are looking for someone who wants to learn more about the library and what we do and is interested in budgets because we rely on the administrative assistant to keep our budgets in order.”

Along hiring for these available job positions, there is also work being done to form the Task Force for Organizational Realignment and Budget Development. This task force will oversee the productivity of KSC staff. “We need to make sure we have the staff to support our student base, our enrollment and what needs to get done on campus. They’re going to look at what we have for staff and make sure that those people are meeting the needs of what we have to do on campus. Moving people to meet the needs is something we might do,” said Crawford.

The President, Human Resources and the President’s cabinet will be working together to launch this task force.

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