For the Keene State women’s soccer team, this year has been a slew of wins and losses that have led them to their 9-7-1 record at the moment.

However, for anyone who has watched this team and talked to the players, there should be more of a tilt towards the wins category.

They have had multiple losses that have come off of chances in overtime and of late moments in the game that have led to some of the downfall, but it does not reflect the quality of this KSC team.

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY Angelique Inchierca / Photo Editor

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY Angelique Inchierca / Photo Editor

On Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017, the Owls matched up against Rhode Island College (RIC) for the last home game of the season. For anyone involved in sports, this last hoorah at home is a final chance for the seniors to play the sport they love, at the school they attend.

Senior night always has a great vibe and going into it seniors Morgan Kathan and Marianna Porcello knew they wanted to do something great for their fellow seniors and their team.

Porcello said, “We were a little emotional going into the locker room and seeing all the underclassmen and realizing that it was our turn, but at the same time we were so hyped up, we were so excited and really needed to win this game.”

The emotions in the locker room were a mix of nervousness, excitement and a bit of sadness as all the seniors knew the relevance of the game.

The mentality going onto the field was simple in Kathan’s eyes was, “We need to show our conference that we are ready to play, and ready to win.”

After a flurry of scoring and utter Owl dominance, Keene State walked off the pitch victors by a margin of 7-2.

The scoring came from Katie Silegy, Julia Pearson, Marianna Porcello, Morgan Kathan and even a hat-trick for the senior Taylor Farland.

For RIC goals were scored by Brittany DeGrooth and Brooke Young. On the KSC side, all the scoring came from seniors on a day dedicated to them.

Other than the hat-trick that Farland netted for the Owls, special goals were scored by Porcello and Kathan.

Porcello was able to finish on her second collegiate goal ever and Kathan snapped a header into the back of the net, something she had been unable to do for quite some time after multiple health issues, which included some bad concussions.

This fantastic senior day win meant a lot to the team and especially the seniors and they attributed their win to the amount of passion they all play the game with and the love they have for it, and each other.

Kathan described the win by saying, “This game really just meant that we had it in our hearts to play for each other- and to come out on top with a strong win.”

Playing soccer is all about heart and passion- And this game showed me that I have a family of 30 girls and three coaches that have enough heart and passion to help me be successful.”

Playing athletics at any level is a special thing, because at some point you will reach the end of the road.

For the KSC women’s soccer team they knew the importance of the senior day win and the remaining games in the season. Senior Gretchen Greene put it well and said, “It flew by.“

Everyone always tells you that senior year goes by so quick and you never really believe it until you’re there.

“We need to win and everyone has to want it for us [the seniors],” said Greene.

At the end of it all, the love the team has for one another and the coaching staff goes beyond simply teammates and coaches, instead this program has become a family and a strong force to deal with for the fast approaching playoffs, said Kathan.

As the team looks to that playoff picture they have a grueling path ahead of them in order to make it to the Little East Conference (LEC) Championship.

The game against RIC taught the girls the level they need to play at, but it is going to come down to heart, skill and a little luck for any team that hopes to make it to the finals.

Kathan said it best with, “We are going to have to continue to fight hard through playoffs so that we can win quarter-finals, semi-finals and the LEC championship.”

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