Keene aces the LEC TITLE

The women’s volleyball team wins the LEC regular season title

The women’s volleyball team ended their regular season on a high note, as they took a 3-1 win against Plymouth State University (PSU), gaining them the Little East Conference (LEC) regular season title. This put them in the number two seed for ranking for this weeks conference tournament in Springfield, Massachusetts.

For senior Rachel Lamica, finally accomplishing the goal of gaining the LEC title is something to be proud of.

Jake Paquin / Equinox Staff

Jake Paquin / Equinox Staff

Lamica said beforehand that it has been her team’s goal to win and achieve the LEC title, as well as perform at their highest level. As a senior, Lamica knew this was the last time she would ever be able to compete at this level, so having a team that is so willing to work is one of the many “perks” Lamica said.

Earning a LEC award is only won by hardworking teams, and KSC’s women’s volleyball has definitely risen to that standard this year.

They started the season off with a 15-0 winning streak, changing history for Keene State and setting a record for women’s volleyball.

Even after a few losses, they still finished out their regular season with 22-4 record, placing them in the number two seed position for their next conference.

This record also helped guide them to their success of winning the LEC title, however the team members say that winning had everything to do with each other.

Bailey Wilson who is a first-year that came to Keene State from California knows just how important communication and a close connection with teammates is.

Especially in volleyball, everyone needs to be communicating and ready to pick it up in positions, said Wilson.

Without every member being willing to face the team dynamics and not working hard, there wouldn’t be as much success added Wilson.

“I couldn’t have it and we couldn’t have it if everyone else wasn’t doing their jobs.”

Jennifer Severino, who is a sophomore on the women’s volleyball team agrees with her teammate Wilson.

Communication is key, as is hard work.

Both of those factors play a huge part in winning as a team said Severino.

Severino shared the same goal with all of her teammates, that being to win the LEC title and in a sense redeem themselves, and what a season to do so added Severino.

“We had to make sure we were talking and that everyone was on the same page, but winning is always the upside,” said Severino.

Cydnee Morgan, a first-year at Keene State praises her team for being able to work so well together and having no drama.

“We knew what we needed to do and got it done,” said Morgan.

Morgan said her team is very close and wants to be their, wants to work hard and especially wanted to win the LEC title award for regular season.

“It feels great to achieve it just by working hard and wanting it,” said Morgan.

Reflecting back on the regular season Morgan, Wilson and Severino all agree that even though taking some losses was not ideal, that those losses helped them stay level headed and keep their eye of their goals.

With the LEC title in hand, the women’s volleyball team looked to take on their next conference as the number two seed in Springfield Massachusetts, coming out with a 3-0 win against Curry College.

With the momentum that the women’s volleyball team currently has, nothing will stop them in their journey to ultimate success.

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