With a robust start to the season, the women’s volleyball team has held their momentum.

Sweeping the Little Eastern Conference (LEC) awards in a weekend tournament and maintaining the best record for women’s volleyball in years, the women’s accomplishments keep stacking up.

Maintaining a 15-1 record holds them up on a positive 15-game win streak.

Jake Paquin / Photo Editor

Jake Paquin / Photo Editor

Cydnee Morgan, first-year and biology major, reflected on her team’s success, “On top of having skill, we all work so well together. There’s no drama, we all just understand what we need to do and we get it done…You want to be there and you want to be with your team.”

Morgan said she finds pride and joy in her team, as well as has excitement for each success they are able to accomplish as a team.

“I’m super excited. I’ve never been on a winning team, so having this much success is honestly just a whole new feeling. It’s awesome, it’s amazing to know that not only are we winning, but we’re earning it. We’re actually competing and winning the games because we’re working hard,” said Morgan.

Fellow teammate, sophomore and nutrition major Jennifer Severino also takes pride at where her team has worked to be.

“We’re very hardworking. During practices, we play hard and we do what we have to do. We’re very upbeat and happy on the court.”

Severino added, “We didn’t know how this year was going to go because last year was kind of rough. But we started off strong and then from there we’ve been continuing to play hard. Our captains are very straightforward and they tell us how it is, which is good.”

Severino said she has high hopes for her team and their season.

“I really don’t think we have any challenges within the team. We’re doing what we have to do and no matter what we’re still going to play hard. There’s a lot of the freshmen that are playing and they are doing very well. We communicate, so everyone is always on the same page and knows what is going on…We hope to win LECs, that’s got to happen.”

Although the women’s volleyball team had hoped to maintain a perfect record, they are in no way discouraged with their one loss.

“Knowing we have the ability makes us stronger as a whole. We aren’t afraid to lose; no matter what, we will always come out stronger,” said Morgan.

Head Coach Bob Weiner, a coach of 13 years for the Keene State women’s volleyball team, also has faith in his team’s abilities and skills.

“This is a good team; I believe this team can do anything they set their minds to do. We’ve got kids with skill and everyone’s got each other’s back…If we lose somewhere along the way, we can’t let that affect us. We’re still a good team,” said Weiner.

The women’s volleyball team hopes to continue their hard work into the end of the season and achieve their goals of the LEC title said both Severino and Morgan.

With so much determination and communication within the team, it’s easy to say that the women’s volleyball team will stop at nothing to conquer their season goals.

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