Will the violence ever end?

It's not that complicated: A call to the U.S. Government to create stricter gun laws and regulations

Guns are too easy for people to obtain. It’s that simple. No one should have a need for 23 rifles. No one should be sneaking those rifles around. And most importantly, no one should use those rifles to harm innocent human lives.

We at The Equinox are appalled at the recent mass shooting and want a change in our nation’s gun laws and restrictions. This past Sunday, when almost 600 people in Nevada became victims to yet another “deadliest mass shooting in American history,” thoughts and prayers were sent to Las Vegas. However, thoughts and prayers only go so far when the number of mass shootings in America continuously rise.

Within the past few years, we’ve seen the numbers of people killed in shootings get higher and higher, from 26 in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, to 49 in the 2016 Orlando Shooting and to now 59 in the Las Vegas Shooting on Sunday. Yet, no proactive changes have been made to counteract these acts of violence. In fact, no changes have been made at all.

What we find to be a huge problem with this country is that it is almost like we are becoming desensitized to these shootings. It’s as if we have accepted the fate, that we have accepted that one man walking into a concert and injuring upwards of 600 people is unpreventable.

We acknowledge that there are many responsible gun owners who would never imagine carrying out atrocities with their guns. However, there are many weapons that can be obtained easily and be bought legally that carry out mass atrocities like these. Though making stricter gun laws may not prevent every murder or mass shooting that happens, it will certainly make it harder for people to conduct these vicious and tasteless acts.

We feel that overall, we would like to see the nation as a whole make a change on gun laws and restrictions. No matter where someone stands politically or what their views are on guns, we need to make a change to stop mass shootings from being so frequent. We need to continue to focus on these issues daily, rather than discussing changes and forgetting about the issues until another mass atrocity occurs.

There will never be a good time to bring up gun control, but in the midst of tragedies like Las Vegas, changes to our country’s gun laws need to be made. We at The Equinox are asking for any sort of movement from our government. Any response. Really, any change at all will give us hope.

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