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The Beautiful Girls Club started as a funky pop band with lead singer/guitarist Cole Whitehead and keyboard player Peter Dubois. We were later joined by drummer Paige Bourne and Derek Hall on bass. The first show we all played together as a band was Rocktoberfest 2016 and we’ve been having so much fun playing shows and jamming together ever since. Last Spring, we were able to release our first single and music video for “How Many?” and we’re looking forward to being able to release a full length album in the near future. We have been lucky enough to play with so many other talented bands in the area and have had a great time just being able to play our songs for anyone who has attended any of our shows.

Benajil Rai / Equinox Staff

Benajil Rai / Equinox Staff


Cole Whitehead-Guitar/Vocals

Derek “D Rock” Hall-Bass

Peter Dubois-Keys

Paige Bourne-Drums


Keene, New Hampshire


Funky pop, neo-soul, indie rock

Where to find us online:

FB: www.facebook.com/TheBeautifulGirlsClubNH/

Bandcamp: thebeautifulgirlsclub.bandcamp.com/

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