During the October 10 meeting of Keene State College’s Student Assembly, KSC Interim President Dr. Melinda Treadwell and Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Dr. Kemal Atkins were in attendance. Treadwell briefed the assembly on her plans for KSC’s future, which she also spoke to the campus about in an open meeting on Wednesday, October 4, in the Mabel Brown Room.

Treadwell discussed her plans to balance the campus’ budget. These details can be found on the front page of The Equinox in the article, “Progress on the budget.”

Atkins discussed the plans for the pumpkin festivals in the Keene community. Currently, KSC has worked with Keene Police Department, Keene Fire Department, Mayor of Keene Kendall Lane and other city community members. Atkins said there will be a series of communications coming out soon regarding the precautionary measures that will be taken on campus.

One of the measures Atkins announced is there will be no visitors allowed in residence halls from October 26 to October 29. He is currently working with residence halls and residence assistants to make sure they are making their residents aware of this rule. Atkins also suggested Student Assembly members, as well as all KSC students, faculty, staff and administration, consider the several events on campus in the month of October that are alternatives to behavior that could be disrespectful to the community. He said he is currently working with Director of Student Involvement Jennifer Ferrell to fill in any gaps in activities there could be in the weeks preceding the Main Street Pumpkin Festival.

Once Treadwell and Atkins finished their statements, and asked Student Assembly members if they had any questions. Representative of the Class of 2018 Bailey St. Laurent asked two separate questions, one for Atkins and one for Treadwell.

He asked Atkins what the activities that are planned are that were mentioned. Atkins said a list will be sent out soon by Ferrell and will be a mix of fall themed and regular events.

St. Laurent also asked how to get involved in the two different task forces Treadwell mentioned. Treadwell said to let Student Body President Kenadee Cadieux know and Cadieux will forward those names to Treadwell.

There were no further questions for Treadwell and Atkins. Speaker of Student Assembly Allie Tolles thanked both of them and they left the meeting.

Tolles shifted the conversation to the rest of the agenda. There were two budget requests for student organizations.

KSC Fishing Club requested $1,450 and during their meeting with the Finance Committee on Student Assembly, the recommended amount was $1,300. Some of the funds would go towards supplies for the club, which includes fishing licenses for in and out of state, apparel and equipment. Other funds would go towards professional services, such as having someone teach the club how to fly fish, food and travel expenses. The budget was approved.

The second group to request a budget was KSC Media Productions. They requested $5,200 and during their meeting on Student Assembly, the recommended amount was $4,150. The funds would mostly go towards equipment and hosted events. Treasurer of Student Assembly Casey Matthews made a point of information regarding KSC Media Productions’ request and said during their meeting with the Finance Committee on Student Assembly it was suggested they could possibly submit a one time budget request for obstacles that may rise later in the year. The budget was approved.

Once the two groups adjourned, Student Government Adviser Brandon Mathieu went to his report and reminded Student Assembly the leadership retreat applications are open and to apply if they would like to attend. Also, he mentioned Alumni Weekend was this weekend and that if members are on campus, they should engage positively.

Tolles then shifted the conversation to reports. Trustee Adam Geddis reported the Board of Trustees meeting with the University System of New Hampshire is on October 19 and October 20.

Cadieux and Student Body VIce President Sarah Dugas said there will be an open forum with Treadwell on November 15. Cadieux added that she encouraged Student Assembly members to attend.

Committee reports were then heard. Dugas reported for the events committee and said Hootie’s Nocturnal Knockout is on November 3 from 9 to 11 p.m., and is looking for volunteers. Cadieux also reported for the events committee and said the fall festival foods will be chosen soon.

No other reports were made, and Tolles moved to courtesies from the group.

Cadieux said there will be an alumni leadership event this weekend for current KSC students to get the chance to talk with KSC alumni about leadership experiences.

St. Laurent said there will be an Orientation information session on October 16 at 8 p.m. in Science Center room 101.

Cadieux also added that is people are interested in either of the task forces to let her know soon.

After courtesies, the meeting was motioned to adjourn, seconded and dismissed.

Olivia Belanger can be contacted at obelanger@kscequinox.com 

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