On October 3rd, 2017, the Student Government had a discussion connecting to a campus forum with Kristen Mattheson, a representative for Lloyd’s.

In this discussion, the council talked about new marketing concepts, the freshness of the food/quality of taste, student awareness of specials, as well as the idea of incorporating new foods.

The need for more grab and go gluten-free products was also touched on, especially with more and more students searching for food with a variety of qualities.

The discussion and action section of the meeting emphasized budget cuts and discussed the recommended budget for the National Association for Music Education.

The National Association for Music is a Keene based program that focuses on music education, professional development (vocals, bands, orchestra workshops), community service and welcoming music interested students into the music department.

The NAFME association requested a budget of $10,020 due to an increase of members from 32 to 42, but the Student Government approved the total recommended budget, which was $7,570, stating the club could request more later on if need be so.

In this same section, another discussion and action was to be discussed, but the Keene State Media Productions representative did not show to present.

The meeting continue with treasurer elections for the class of 2019 and 2020 were held.

Abigail Call ran for treasurer for the class of 2019 and Emily Foy ran for treasurer for the class of 2020.

With no further discussions, the meeting was adjourned after committee reports and courtesies.

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