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Photo contributed by Sound It OUt Sessions

Photo contributed by Sound It OUt Sessions

In 2011, I had made my first attempt at a semi-official musical release with “The Golden Voice of Jacob C. McKelvie EP.” After hearing that, Nick, our bass player and a friend of mine since middle school, began urging me to try those songs with a backing band. He was in the music program at Keene State so he enlisted our first drummer, Jeff, and the three of us started playing those songs. We played some shows around campus and beyond for a year or so, then Jeff fell off the face of the earth (Where’s Jeff?) and our current drummer Matt joined the band. Since then, we’ve averaged 100+ shows a year and have toured all around the country performing for literal dozens of people (cumulatively).


Jake McKelvie – guitar/vocals

Nick Votruba – bass

Matt Bacon – drums


Keene, New Hampshire


Indie-rock, post-punk, pre-???

Upcoming events:

Sept. 29 at Psychic Readings in Providence, Rhode Island with Lady Queen Paradise and SweetPea Pumpkin.

Oct. 5 at The Shaskeen in Manchester, New Hampshire with New English, Giant in the Lighthouse and Dwarf Cannon.

Solo cross-country tour in early November, then full band east coast tour in late November. Dates forthcoming!

We’ll start working on our third full-length album….soon? Yes, soon. Probably. No, we really will.





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