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Headware is a band founded at Keene State College.

We play a wide variety of covers from Phish to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

We are currently in the process of writing more original content to add to our repertoire.

Oliver Holmes / Contributing Photographer

Oliver Holmes / Contributing Photographer


Headware started with guitarists Cam Youngclaus and Brady Strout playing together in Brady’s dorm room first year and sophomore year.

Brady and our drummer, Andrew Arnold, were in the same political science class as first years and sophomores respectively.

Andrew overheard a conversation Brady was having with another student in the class about playing music and introduced himself.

The following September, Cam and Brady were living in a house off-campus and invited Andrew over to jam.

One night, after a few weeks of playing together, Cam and Brady were at a house party.

They were talking about playing music when Eric, our bass player, overhead the conversation.

Since then, Headware has played at house parties around Keene, written original music and has been hired for

other events.



Cameron Youngclaus: Guitar and Vocals

Eric “Bassman” Wing: Bass and Vocals

Andrew Arnold: Drums

Brady Strout: Guitar and Vocals



Keene, NH



Rock & Roll, Funk, Progressive, Punk, Rap, Tasty Jams


Upcoming events:

Headware will be playing shows at Headquarters,

and is working on getting other shows in Keene.

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We are on the internet at:


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