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By Austin Delin

My childhood friend James Kokidko, and I have been writing music together in various projects since the 6th grade. We started off like anybody else – just taking what inspired us within our shared  music tastes over the years, and trying to emulate it, and incorporate it into our own music. We’d spend our summers playing 2-piece acoustic music, and recording demos in my Mom’s basement.

Contributed photos by corey Prince

Contributed photos by corey Prince

Through that, I think James and I taught each other a lot about how just accompanying one another’s ideas with what “sounds or feels right” can lead to an incredibly natural and fulfilling writing process. James has always had an incredibly open mind, and a great ear for harmonizing our parts together.

One day James suggested to me that we get together with some of his childhood friends Chris Walsh and Ben Perry, just to jam. I always thank him for pushing me to branch out of my comfort zone, and play music with somebody that I didn’t grow up with, or know very well. Ben and Chris’s contributions to the sound and work ethic have taken our sound to the next level. I’m so excited to continue creating as a band.


Austin Delin – Guitar / Vocals

James Kokidko – Guitar

Ben Perry – Bass

Chris Walsh – Drums

Contributed photos by corey Prince

Contributed photos by corey Prince


Medway, MA


Indie, Alternative, Post-Punk, Math-Rock, Dream-Pop

Upcoming Events / News:

We’re playing ‘Out of the Blue Too’ Art Gallery with our friends in ‘Val Verde’ (an upcoming punk band from Keene, NH) on September 7th

We’ll begin recording for our first LP with our friend Alex Salter on September 11th. Alex is student at KSC, and Guitar/Vocals in Val Verde. He’s a very talented kid.

Links to our demo and social media:

‘Perspective’ – Our first Demo (Free Download) – https://delkojams.bandcamp.com

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/delkojams

Instagram page – https://www.instagram.com/delkojams/   OR @delkojams from mobile

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